GEMINI ELECTRIC MOTOR COMPANY PTY LTD. has ten million Aust$1.00 fully paid up shares issued, currently we are looking to finalize the development of our in hub version of the electric motor,   ( which is intended for use on electric bicycles,  electric scooters, and automotive applications )  and proceed to the manufacturing stage. This will require additional funding, not allowed for in our current budget. The Directors have decided to issue an additional one million Aust$1.00 fully paid up shares to raise the required funds. Interested investors please contact :  

John Patrick Ettridge Managing Director on

Ph. 61 - 8 - 82981698.

Ph. / Fax. 61 - 8 - 82989080.

e-mail :

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Patent protection has been sought in most countries and the International Preliminary Examination Report based upon international application #PCT/AU99/00261 has allowed all claims for the 'H' shaped energised coil design which is the key feature of this invention.

The GEMINI ELECTRIC MOTOR COMPANY PTY LTD of South Australia is the head licensee for the GEMINI technology, this license having been granted by the patent owner, ETTRIDGE MOTORS PTY LTD of South Australia.

We are keen to create research and development alliances and manufacturing/marketing joint ventures with companies throughout the world.

Commercial development of the GEMINI presents TWO separate commercial applications:

  • As an energy efficient electric motor, and
  • An electricity generator

Our global joint venture and licensing plans for the GEMINI technology are divided into the following regions:

  • Northern America

  • Europe

  • China

  • Asia including Russia and India

  • Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific

  • Central and South America

  • Africa and Middle East

No exclusive Licences will be issued as the need to meet global energy reduction is urgent and must be available to everyone. By adopting the GEMINI technology, licensees will be advantaged by bringing to consumers a more energy efficient, and better performing product.

Ongoing  R & D costs will be met by contributions from joint venturers. Improvements to the GEMINI will be passed on to all Licensees.

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