A Solution for

The GEMINI was originally conceived for use in applications like the front wheel of a bicycle or for solar and battery powered vehicles. In these applications size, power and weight are critical elements that are met by the GEMINI design. The essential need to maximise distance travelled on a single battery charge has been a major impediment for all companies developing battery powered electric vehicles. The GEMINI motor is a quantum leap in solving this problem.

Patented Technology

The GEMINI's patented technology is also applicable in a wide variety of other applications requiring energy efficient motors, such as white-goods, refrigeration, air-conditioning, heavy industry and aerospace.

Energy Savings

The saving of energy and the reduction of exhaust emissions are major goals of governments and vehicle manufacturers throughout the world. From a design perspective, if smaller engines can deliver the same results as larger engines then the GEMINI will radically change the space and weight requirements for motors used in many applications where motor weight and space are important considerations.

Alternative Power Source

Electric motors are a desirable alternative to internal combustion engines widely used in Industry, Agriculture, Domestic Appliances, Aerospace and Transport.. Applications for the GEMINI are widespread; trains, fork lifts, cars, escalators, elevators, pumps, aircraft, air-conditioning, refrigeration, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, microwaves etc. literally dozens of implements in daily use.