PCT International Application: PCT/AU 99/00261
International Publication Number: WO 99/54990
International Publication Date: 28 October 1999

Priority Date: 16th April 1998.

As a result of the search reports applications filed:

European Patent No.1072084
Italy  Patent No.1072084
German Patent No.69915604.1-08
France  Patent No.1072084
Spain  Patent No.EPN.1-072-084
U.S.A.                                      Patent No. US6812615 
China Patent No. ZL99805093.8
Japan Application No. 2000-545238
United Kingdom Patent No.2338840
Australian   Patent No. 757966
Indian Application No.2000/00307/DEL

Other Provisional Patent Applications pending.
Other PCT Applications pending.

Trade Mark applications:

GEMINI ELECTRIC MOTOR. No.832845 Australia.

GEMINI ENERGY. No. 858441. Australia.

GEMINI  POWER : #78058533 USA

GEMINI  ENERGY : #78058532 USA.