Wind Energy

The GEMINI ELECTRIC GENERATOR is to be used on the base of the     ETTRIDGE WIND TURBINE, a new improved vertical axis wind turbine. The high performance, low cogging (start up rotation resistance) and generation capabilities of the Gemini Electric Generator make it idea for this wind turbine application.

Electricity generated by wind is the World's fastest growing source of renewable electric energy - AND it's totally pollution free.

Because of the twin magnetic fields in the GEMINI design, each revolution of a GEMINI wind powered generator is expected to produce a much greater output of electricity than possible from a conventional design generator.

This feature will make the GEMINI a popular, energy efficient choice for all applications where a generator is matched to any power source. Less fuel or source power will be required to supply the same demands.

Our Research and Development program includes the manufacture and testing of small wind powered generators of the GEMINI design. The global growth of small wind powered turbines has been steady at 35% per annum and we hope to set a new efficiency standard for the industry.

In the United States alone, energy demands are growing very fast with rolling blackouts like those already being experienced in California predicted to start affecting the rest of the U.S. in the next few years.

With growth in demand predicted at 45% U.S. authorities estimate they need to build between 1,300 and 1,900 new power stations over the next 20 years. Coinciding with clean air laws worldwide, wind power is a compelling alternative with a very prosperous future.

Due to the Gemini Electric Motor and Generator design of using an inner and outer ring of permanent magnets, to effectively use both sides of the energized coil, the generator is smaller in physical size and dimensions than a conventional generator. This reduction in size means less metal used in manufacture, less material costs, and a lighter weight, requiring less supporting strength or tower structure. All focused on a lower cost unit for the same out put in electric energy.  

The Gemini Electric Generator is to be fitted to and demonstrated in an Improved Rotary Wind Powered Turbine ( Savonius Rotor ) that I has been invented, by the inventor of the Gemini Electric Motor / Generator.  We are   all familiar with the propeller type of wind generator, and most would know   of the rotary air ventilators used on the top of vans, commercial vehicles    and factories, the rotary ventilator has been condemned to low torque applications up to now, but with this improved rotary wind powered turbine, that is all about to change.

The common Wind Generator is propeller driven, mounted on a tall tower, but due to there visual impact, many planning authorities are refusing planning approval, pushing proposed wind farm developments out into the country, and often away from electricity connectors, adding substantial costs to the wind farm developer.

The Improved Rotary Wind Powered Turbine is a low visual impact alternative,

which does not require to be mounted on a high tower, this is a down to  earth installation which delivers high efficiency, uses simple gearing if needed (depends on average wind speeds )  and low cost installation and maintenance. A real alternative wind farm generator worth considering.              

So, what is new, and how does it work ?

The problem with the current Savonius type wind turbines is the fact that the blades are only driven by the wind for approximately 120 degrees of one rotation, the remaining 240 degrees, the blades are actually using power, and have to be driven into the wind. The solution that I came up with was to place a shield, or skirt to cover the blades in the area that they normally would need to be driven, and by using overhead air scoops, directed the new air into the tunnel created by the rotor and wind shield. This has the effect that the blades on the rotating turbine are driven for the full 360 degrees, greatly improving low wind speed start up efficiency, and by rotating the skirt and scoops effectively feathering the rotor in high wind speeds.

This is an animation to show how it works.

What should be realized is that even if there is no wind present, when a car or automobile is travelling at 60KPH, the wind speed travelling pass or over the top of the automobile is 60 KPH, more than enough to provide a meaningful electric current to recharge batteries, or even provide the source basic electric current to power the vehicles electric motors.

The Gemini Electric Motor will be the electric motor to use where energy efficiency is an important factor, and should ultimately replace the existing conventional electric motor. While the Gemini Electric Generator will be used for any application which currently uses a turbine or the wind to generate a rotating force to drive an electric generator, to generate an electric current.

Further information can be obtained at the Ettridge Wind Turbine website at: